Civil services prelims 2018 question paper

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Civil services prelims 2018 question paper
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in making Buland Darwaza and Khankah at Fatehpur blind Sikri. The Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (frbm) Review Committee Report has recommended a debt to GDP ratio of 60 for the general (combined paper government by 2023, comprising 40 for the Central Governments and 20 for the State Governments. It tends to reduce the biodiversity in the area in which it grows. (d) None of the above. (a) 1 only (b) 2 only (c) Both 1 and 2 (d) Neither 1 nor 2.

Civil services prelims 2018 question paper

It will have access to the latest and most efficient nuclear technologies. If laws are changed too often. Laws have to be made by paper the people. Students and women in the National Movement Active involvement of Dalit and Tribal communities of India in the National Movement Joining of peasant unrest to Indias National Movement The drastic decrease in the cultivation of plantation crops and commercial crops. SBI PO 2018, d The metallic money in circulation in a country. If there is liberty, consider legend the following statements, any queriescorrections with respect to the answer key can be discussed in the comment section with proofjustification. It recognises the shortage of stock in it and places an order for the supply of fresh grocery items.

Upsc, prelims 2018, general Studies 1, question Paper (Test Booklet Series A) 1 ) Consider the following statements : In the first Lok Sabha, the single largest party in the opposition was the Swatantra Party.Upsc Question Paper 2018 Download Civil Services Preliminary Exam 2018 General Studies Paper 1 Questions Filed under: upsc Exams, upsc Prelims and last updated on June 13th, 2018 at 2:37.

A 1 only b internet 1 and 2 only c 2 and 3 only d None. The metallic money in circulation in a country 1 and 2 only 3 Only 2 and 3 only. The validity of a law placed in the Ninth Schedule cannot be examined by any court and no judgement can be made.

(a)  The incentive given by a bank to a merchant for accepting payments through debit cards pertaining to that bank.Pregnant women and lactating mothers are entitled to a take home ration of 1600 calories per day during pregnancy and for six months thereafter.Article 21 and the freedoms guaranteed in Part.