How to install toilet paper holder in drywall

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How to install toilet paper holder in drywall
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cover and arm assembly onto a mounting bracket and align the holes for the roller horizontally. There is no way you can mount this type of stuff to drywall without it coming loose at some point. 10 Your toilet paper holder is now installed and ready for use.

It may be printed directly phd in marketing online most affordable on the back of the box. But it will make your space more functional too. If the template is not a separate piece of paper included with the toilet paper holder.

How to install toilet paper holder in drywall

Put a screw in the paper art prints middle. Feathering the edges of the joint compound out making it blend into the textured portion of the wall. Estimate the best fit, one at a time, youll need to visually determine if the screws are Regular or Philips head. Measure from one end to the other horizontally. And use a level to create horizontal marks over the vertical marks. Dear drywall I beat you today. And insert the nuts into the drilled holes at the wall. Repeat for the other side, then pull down and lock into place. And then try larger or smaller screwdrivers as necessary until you find the best fit.

To get the 14 board in this space, I needed to enlarge the hole.Damn terlit paper holder.If an anchor is still attached at a screw, unscrew and remove it, and pull the screw out of the mounting plate or arm.