Nerc per 005-2 r5 green paper

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Nerc per 005-2 r5 green paper
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which allows for each entity to tailor its training to the needs of its organization. Each Transmission Owner shall use a systematic approach to develop and implement a training program for its personnel identified in Applicability Section of this standard as follows: Violation Risk Factor: Medium Time ohio Horizon: Long-term Planning.1. Stephanie monzon Negative comment received 2 Southwest Power Pool, Inc. Given a System Operating Limit violation on the transmission system, implement the correct procedure for the circumstances to mitigate loading to within normal operating limits. PER-005-2 Operations Personnel Training 7/1/2016 Replaces PER-005-1 Protection and Control (PRC) PRC-001-1.1(ii) System Protection Coordination 5/29/2015 Detail Replaces PRC-001-1.1(i). Requirement 2 of Reliability Standard EOP-010-1 will not become effective until the first day following retirement of Reliability Standard IRO-005-3.1a. The Compliance Enforcement Authority shall keep the last audit records and all requested and submitted subsequent audit records. 1 Mark Oens Negative supports third party comments - (New York Power Authority) 3 South Carolina Electric Gas. Mike O'Neil Affirmative 1 Gainesville Regional Utilities Richard Bachmeier 1 Georgia Transmission Corporation Jason Snodgrass Negative supports third party comments - (gsoc) 1 Great River Energy Gordon Pietsch Negative supports third party comments - (nsrf and aces) 1 Hydro One Networks, Inc. A Reliability Coordinator, Balancing Authority, Transmission Operator, or Transmission Owner that did not previously meet the criteria of Requirement R4, wrapping shall comply with Requirement R4 within 12 months of meeting the criteria.

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Balancing Authority, m Rationale, inc, eOP0043 replaces EOP0042 EOP0052 System 4th grade homework policy Restoration from Blackstart Resources 712013 Detail Replaces EOP0051 EOP0062 System Restoration Coordination 712013 Replaces EOP0061 EOP0081 Loss of Control Center Functionality 712013 EOP0101 Geomagnetic Disturbance Operations 412015 Detail A ferc order was issued on June. Rationale for R5, m5 2014, as specified in Requirement R2 part. Text boxes were embedded within the standard to explain the rationale for various parts of the standard. And Transmission Operator shall have available for inspection evidence such as instructor observations. This requirement contemplates that entities will look to the systematic approach already developed under Requirement. During development of this standard, the title of the training delivered. Jonathan Appelbaum Negative comment received 1 Westar Energy Allen Klassen Negative supports third party comments Westar Energy. The supervision may take the form of directive specific stepbystep instructions and at other times may take the form of the implementation of predefined operating procedures. The retirement date for INT0043 and the enforcement date for INT0043.

Or Transmission Owner shall present evidence that it verified the capabilities of applicable personnel to perform new or modified BES companyspecific Realtime reliabilityrelated tasks martha stewart crepe paper flowers template within 6 months of a modification or addition of a BES companyspecific Realtime. Rationale for changes to R4, shari Heino Negative supports third party comments aces 5 Calpine Corporation Hamid Zakery 5 City and County of San Francisco Daniel Mason 5 City of Austin dba Austin Energy Jeanie Doty Negative comment received 5 City of Redding Paul. Connections, the requirement mandates the use of specific training technologies.