One person handing papers to another

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One person handing papers to another
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return receipt (green card) and the papers come back to me? The papers have to be given to your spouse directly, not to someone else. They cannot get a judgment for money against someone when they serve them by publication. They must then file it with the court. This is the most common way to serve a summons. Once the sheriff serves the defendant, the sheriff fills out a sworn statement on the back of the summons copy and files it with the court. Which one will work better for you depends on your situation. Serving a summons with a special process server (someone over the age of 18). But, this is not always required. If you need more time after that, you will have to ask the judge for more time. Can the papers be given to someone other than my spouse, like my spouse's mother? Notice and an opportunity to be heard are required. For example, this means that in a divorce case, a person would be able to get a divorce, but would not be able to get a judgment requiring the other side to pay child support. The green card can be signed for by someone "of suitable age and discretion" who lives in the same home with your spouse. You can mail the papers to any address where you think your spouse will receive and sign for them (for example, home or work). Serving a summons through publication in a newspaper How to serve someone by publication in Illinois means that a notice is published in a paper in the area where the lawsuit was filed. What is "certified mail, return receipt requested"? An alias summons is the second summons. You can hire anyone, or you can hire a professional process server. Why is a summons important?

Partnerships and the paper government, this gives them a chance to defend themselves. Serving a summons with the sheriff. Close, then, who can handdeliver the papers to my spouse. They must tell the judge the name of the person who will serve the defendant. Is a green postcard that the Post engineering Office attaches to the letter that the recipient must sign to show that he or she got the letter.

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Check with the sheriff or one local circuit court clerk for more information. There are two ways the papers can be served. Certified mail, who will show you around, t Find Your Spouse.