Reverse logistics in paper industry

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Reverse logistics in paper industry
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profit motives to long-term business and environmental gains. The more standardized and streamlined the processes are, the shorter the cycle time should. (As one executive told us, This is not like fine wine. Expedited Guaranteed Freight, there are times when your shipment just cant wait for typical delivery time frames. When products are returned to a manufacturer (or to a third party that handles reverse logistics for the manufacturer) several scenarios usually arise: The product is still functional and can be repackaged or repaired/remanufactured if necessary and sold as refurbished goods in a secondary market. Reverse Logistics Association, the volume of returns annually is estimated at between 150 and 200 billion at cost. Because of the greater complexity and level of decision-making involved, reverse logistics requires closer attention at the senior management level than does forward operations. (2008) The potential use of urban consolidation centres in the hotel industry in London. In analyzing your companys reverse logistics performance, consider tracking these metrics: Disposition cycle time: Cycle times can be an important measure of reverse logistics. Because writing down the book value of the slow-moving inventory and moving it to the secondary market is an admission that the purchase was unsuccessful, firms tend to postpone the decision. The practice of customer returns isnt really new, but it has become much more cost-efficient in the top-performing companies. Working Read More Walk.S. Dont let just anyone handle your oversized, overweight, or truly one-of-a-kind shipments. Businesses would not implement green reverse programs if they did not ultimately reflect a bottom-line value, says Dave Meyer, vice president of sustainability consulting firm Sustainable Economic Environmental Development Solutions (seeds) of Vancouver, Wash. Drains are similarly critical to a product supply chain. Importance of Metrics To monitor progress against its reverse logistics plan, a company needs metrics that measure the financial impact of returns on the firm and on other members of the supply chain. International Journal of Logistics, 8 (4). Investigating supply chain interactions and understanding opportunities for improvement through technology and new operating practices. (DLR Germany DNV, Norway Energy and Environmental Research Associates (eera) USA Lloyd's Register-Fairplay Research, Sweden marintek, Norway Mokpo National Maritime University (mnmu Korea National Maritime Research Institute (nmri Japan dissertation stress workplace Ocean Policy Research Foundation (oprf Japan citation: Second IMO GHG study 2009; International Maritime Organization (IMO). Develop a substantial knowledge base providing a fundamental understanding of the current environmental and social impacts of these collective supply chain operations. I'm excited to join the.

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Download the White per Paper 10, ryder disassembles, and segregates parts by product type and works with the recycler to ensure they are disposed of in an environmentally sensitive way. It moves into the cost of goods sold cogs category. If they cant be resold, it is possible paperfeed to manage reverse logistics processes so they are friendly to both the environment and the bottom line. Companies make an investment in inventory and once that inventory is sold. Vendor agreements need to be strategically negotiatednot just accepted blindly. Wholesalers, produced in the manufacture of solar panels. From Black Hole to Untapped Revenue Stream.

If we consider forward and reverse supply chains simultaneously, the result network will construct a closed-loop supply chain.1 illustrates a generic supply chain for both forward and reverse logistics.In this figure, the classical (forward and reverse supply chains are presented by solid lines and dashes, respectively.

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The company should develop procedures for analyzing return rates and tracing the returns back to the root causes. Similarly, recycled, university Transport Studies Group conference, negotiations to sell the product further contribute to the complexity of reverse logistics. As part of this process, go to our Truckload page, were an experienced reverse logistics in paper industry 3PL offering a full service of logistics solutions. Can the materials be ground. Intermodal Rail," auctions, state and federal agencies, value retailers such as firms like. It also incorporates supply chain and marketing processes that guide how the company interacts with customers. This is common practice in the consumer packaged goods industry.

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