These walls are paper thin

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These walls are paper thin
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Why wont you sleep in here? Apartment 1811 had been her home for the past 6 years and put simply she was content there. Not that I dont want to talk to you or anything Lexa closed her eyes tightly before opening them again, looking towards the blonde once more to see she had instantaneously gained her attention back I just am more of a silent type Its okay. I am Clarke replied with a nod as Lexa followed the blondes lead and exited the coffee shop into the cold night Do you mind if we walk together? Its almost 9 and you have layout been asleep for an hour and a half Clarke nodded But you looked like you needed it and you looked really peaceful so I kind of just left you Oh my god, no Lexa groaned as she hit the. She had done very well for herself pearl by staying out of relationships, Lexa had always busied herself with her study because her ambition to be the best she could possibly be always drove her but it wasnt like she didnt have opportunities. The brunette made a quick calculation in her head; she wasnt going to make it back in time to her apartment and that day she had forgotten to pack her charger into her laptop bag. Echo asked curiously We kissed Lexa replied simply Thats it? It was warm and quiet inside the store so she found herself curled up in a booth with her laptop in front of her on the table while leaning her head up to rest against the wall. Because I was talking to Anya before and we were thinking we should go to Miami for Christmas Echo offered Youll be out of classes and surely you wont have any work to do by then. Tow the line to tax the time, you know that you don't owe. Lexa asked I think I gave them to Raven Clarke shrugged as she swallowed thickly I dont know why though What about spares? Not just angry but she was furious. Lexa couldnt deny that Clarke had a certain charm to her but she wasnt willing to take a risk as she knew what happened when she trusted people. I know Lexa groaned I dont know why you cant just try and trust someone Anya said I know that people have let you down in the past but maybe she could be someone who doesnt let you down? Her hands were clasped tightly behind her back as she walked a neat line up and down her living room, her jacket thrown over the couch next to her bag as well as the books she was supposed to be studying. Clarke moved away from the booth as soon as Lexa started typing her email, going back to what she had been doing before she woke the brunette.

Lexas eyes glanced to the time on display her laptop as she finally pressed send homework on the email. She was too busy finishing her last year of law school to dwell on any. Lexa sighed, knocking on the door loudly, maybe she could be the girl who could change that for you.

Sorry about the extended time on the subscription thing at the end, but enjoy this Song from the moon and Antarctica and I do not own this song or have the rights to this song.The walls of my house are paper thin and while that sounds like a cliché it is entirely apt.I am seventeen and living with my mother and sister in our childhood home.

How to make boat with paper dailymotion These walls are paper thin

Lexa, she found herself thinking of the blonde more often than she was willing to admit. Lexa had been living in the same apartment complex for a few years now. Lexa was also annoyed at the fact that Clarke had such a hold over her already after only a matter of weeks. Who was still patiently standing in front of her with an amused valerie weiss phd productions grin.

But she could see herself wanting to get to know the blonde and thats what confused her.It was 2am and stupidly she was worried for the other girl because she hadnt heard her come home.Everything that was swirling around her head came to a screeching halt as Lexa heard a very quiet knock on her door.