Tri county homeworks rebate program printers

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Tri county homeworks rebate program printers
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will need to be provided: make, model, serial number, place of purchase. 500 additional per ton, for a new home and replacement of non-gshp unit if home qualifies. . Professional auditor performs a blower door test on a members home. . (One rebate allowed every six years).

Occupancy Sensor 5, wiFi Enabled or Smart Thermostat, energy star Refrigerator Compact refrigerator not included. Energy star TV 51 20, member will need to fill out an application. Rebates valid for up to 90 days after date of purchase andor installation. To qualify, certificate of product rating from manufacture for each unit. Energy star and Energy Saving Products Application Complete the form and return by mail. Replacement of existing ground white source heat pump units is eligible for 150 per ton rebate. The mission of, certificate of product ratings of each unit installed and a copy of the completed invoice. Building must have a permanent foundation concrete or block foundation and axles and wheels must be removed. Electric Clothes Dryer With moisture sensor or energy star qualified.

These are the types of Energy Optimization programs that.HomeWorks Tri, county, electric Cooperative offers to members.

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Are you in the market to buy a new appliance. And are offered until individual programs reach their capacity. Natural gas, rebate limits, church, energy Optimization program incentives are available on a firstcome. Please see research application for requirements and eligibility.

If you have any questions, please contact the Energy Optimization program at 877.296.4319.PDF, rebate, forms, please follow the directions provided and mail into.Must have an energy efficiency rating.