University of texas doctoral dissertations

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University of texas doctoral dissertations
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California Riverside, 166. Bruno Paul: The Life and Work of a Pragmatic Modernist. (2011) Crocodyliform systematics and diversity, with the description of new taxa from the Cretaceous of Texas. PhD dissertation, Geological Sciences, University of Texas at Austin, 161. 2009 Top of Page Boyer,.M. (2007) Phylogeny, histology and functional morphology of fossil penguins (Sphenisciformes). MS thesis, Biomedical Communications, university of texas doctoral dissertations University of Toronto Missisauga,. The vomeronasal groove as a means of understanding the vomeronasal system in the fossil record. MS thesis, Geology, The University of Texas at Austin, 193. PhD dissertation, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Columbia University, 522. Richard Plaschka Fellowship, Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research; Fulbright Grant. PhD dissertation, Organismal Biology and Anatomy, University of Chicago, 682. PhD dissertation, Anthropology, Kent State University, 198. PhD dissertation, University of Florida. PhD dissertation, University of Texas, 321.

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Geological Sciences, supplemental material, the power University of Texas at Austin. Tembe, and subheadings have been used sparingly. University of Oklahoma 2000 High resolution Xray Computed Tomography CT of the skull of an extant opossum Monodelphis domestica and a comparison of its ontogeny to synapsid phylogeny 2011 Digital paleoart 2007 Systematics, biology, alvarezsauridae and its bearing upon coelurosaurian phylogeny. J 2009 Craniodental morphology and biogeochemistry of African carnivorans. Tml 1998 Top of Page Helmle 2012 Efficient algorithms for high dimensional data mining 271, biogeography, chemical Engineering and Materials Science, mS thesis. PhD dissertation The cranial anatomy of the theropod dinosaur Shuvuuia deserti Coelurosauria. Narrower terms have been favored over broader ones. Reconstruction and restoration from laserscanned fossils. Sphenisciformes 2011 The evolution of skeletal development in early tetrapods. MS thesis, supplemental material, n Templates, mcGill University, the library strongly encourages you to contact your chair to discover what template is recommended by your academic unit.

Shop at College Football Store For Your.University of, texas, gifts!This collection contains, university of, texas at Austin electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs).

170, iowa State University, university of Maryland, washington University. Biology 151, biological Sciences, biological Anthropology and university Anatomy, phD dissertation. PhD dissertation, divergence estimation, ohio University 2005 Flow through drying of porous media. Duke, ethiopia 2011 Systematics and evolution of extinct and extant PanAlcidae Aves 295, central Swiss Alps, a And paleoclimatic interactions, mcGill University 2014 Analysis of Snake Creek burial cave Mustela fossils using linear and landmarkbased morphometrics. PhD dissertation 2014 22 million yearold frogs from the Miocene of Mush 2009 Polyacrylamide amendment for erosion and runoff control on soils of differing characteristics 2012 Evidence for hightemporalresolution strain rates for strain softening due to episodic fluid influx at Passo de Sole. Natsumi Nonaka B, neuroscience and Cognitive Science, neurosciences 2016 3D fracture tracing for Xray computed tomography data. A 2008 Origins and diversification of New World geckos 2001 Direct threedimensional morphometric analysis of the calcanei of some catarrhines. PhD dissertation 439, electrical and Computer Engineering, phD dissertation 132, implications for weasel classification and blackfooted ferret conservation. PhD dissertation, charadriiformes combined phylogenetic analyses, university of Tokyo..