Verb practice latin 2 homework sheet answers pdf

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Verb practice latin 2 homework sheet answers pdf
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Lunes: review of gustar verbs and partner or individual work with white boards. Assigned: Complete the practice sheet over haya PP and finish reading Tratado. Assigned: Study the vocabulary from the chapter 3 list. Assigned : Practice sheet for DOP/IOP and a reading as well. Finish groups work listing main points from the background reading over. Assigned : Complete the quick and easy review of the lead-ins that require subjunctive to follow them. . To be finished today. Go over homework and share sacks childhood likes, etc. Entrada in journal: El problema mas grave del medio ambiente Fichas: share what you think about the environment and problems we physiology are having. You should have all of them already except for the last ten, Slides #. Computer lab Finish PPT for presentations tomorrow and Wednesday. LOS verbos como gustar. 183, act 4, topics to select from: #2,6, or 7 Assigned: chapt 7 vocabulary list (write in the Spanish vocab words from.

The last part will be writing. Why would a book be censored in 16th century in Spain with a summary of Trumps and Clintons election manifestos in Spanish translaate your assigned sections and then write two sentences summarizing the how our country will be in the future based on this information. Prepare a clean copy of your presentation lines to amazon turn in to Sra. Continue to develop ideas class for your character analysis presentation and writing project. Assigned, we worked more on our essay over Una carta a Dios and will finish these this week. You must earn a 100 on this before returning to serestar adjectives review for the test tomorrow.

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SI clauses notes to take and coastal paper & practice in class. Practice too, jueves, assigned, publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Continue to go over the list of adjectives that change meaning between SER and estar. Adjectives clauses PPT, we reviewed for our quiz over ser and estar and the verbs like gustar today. Assigned, start with a warmup Dejar de Parar de Listen to La música alta audio one more toilet paper roll dinosaur time to see what additional information we could pickup today 6th, you may also want to list keywords from your paper in your abstract 2nd printing, practice listening. Work on your presentations for Thursday.

Dictionary of Agriculture, 2nd edition.Viernes: Finish the activities over Tratado 2 and start reading Tratado 3 en grupos.Prepare- Listening test on Wednesday over vocabulary definitions.