When you finish your homework vine

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When you finish your homework vine
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Cards Match I used these links for the pictures: m/rhymecard/rhymecards9.pdf m/rhymecard/rhymecards10.pdf m/rhymecard/rhymecards11.pdf m/rhymecard/rhymecards12.pdf m/rhymecard/rhymecards13.pdf m/rhymecard/rhymecards14.pdf * Sight Word Bingo (purchased) *Sight Words Flashcards: Primer 1st Grade 2nd Grade *Spelling - I have this thing that has 3 - 4 letters across. These are the Work Stations that I've decided to have in my classroom: I'm going to use a pocketchart as a Management Board. . I have a low shelf that my husband built for me that I'm going to store the shoeboxes. . rose, hose, nose *Rhyming Picture Cards galore to match! Learn more. I don't think they'd appreciate the eyelet. As each element is read, the student with the correct answer card should raise their hand and read their card. . Starlighting Mama is the blog of author Heather Shumaker, the renegade parent behind. Im so tiiiiiiiiired and I have five kids and that is just too many to educate well. Curious about what happened? After the activity has been sufficiently reviewed, you can remove the answer cards and place them and the pocketchart with the story elements in a work station or center for the students to complete individually or in pairs. I hide the tub under the table so they can't see what's inside and give clues as to what the item. Letter A, Letter B, etc. . Students can use them with the overhead to retell the stories. What do kids need? Later make answer cards from their answers by writing them on sentence strips (one answer per story element). . When the pencils are fresh and the notebooks are new and the kids backpacks dont look like they lined the den of a pack of filthy hyenas? M Alphabet Posters - these can be used for large flashcards or sequencing m/downloads/a-z.pdf Word Study Station: This station will be used to reinforce the concept that letters are used to form words and that the letters can also be manipulated to form new words. Continue for each level of words. . This idea was adapted from one @ Little Giraffes. . If it's correct, they place the card back into the pocketchart beside the correct story element. I have a bookshelf that holds books with the cover facing out and two small plastic chairs from the dollar store. . I said, "But my kids always cheat and never try to do the activity." She reiterated something that I'd heard in college as well. The picture below is of The 3 Billy Goats Gruff. I wanted to dress the bags up some with border to match their book tags, but I couldn't find what I wanted, so I just made some on the computer. .

Paper pendants jewellery When you finish your homework vine

Anything small enough to fit in the box is fair game. M play Alphabet Bingo lace alphabet beads in correct sequence these beads were purchased from Lakeshore. Logs in the park, re interested in seeing more of Carolapos. Re just a mountain of great ideas. We ALL crossed paper application for florida rca the finish line together. Iapos, s ideas, book, anyway the big book goes in the large pocket and then the smaller pocket you can put pointers. Heres what my children spent their time doing after school yesterday.

When you finish your homework vine

Read the post Homework Letter Update or other homework posts. Sort pictures sort letters sort words into number of letters match rhyming wordspictures alphabetize words complete following directions activities use word cards to create sentences and write sentences on clips Response Sheet Story Elements. You could have all the answer cards in the pocketchart. Reminding them bouquet of the beginning sound. Time doing family chores, then they can begin putting the parts back together to make silly sentences andor sentences that make sense. We need to read for 20 minutes.

Then I decided that I needed to go back and start it again, so I started over.Just cut to the size you need. .